The Phantom Project
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* Due to recent events, for the fairness of all musicians/artists, the song upload limit is 5, photo upload limit is 5.

* Feel free to post links of this project on any other site.

* All songs must be provided in mp3 format. All photos must be provided in jpg format.

* If you choose to use any of the original work contained in this project for commercial purposes, please make sure you get in contact with the owner of the work and let them know of what you plan to do.

* Regarding all final submissions at the end of the 10 week schedule, make sure the work you submit is copyright protected. Read up on the Creative Commons act. The Phantom Project team will not be held responsible for any claims of plagiarism or theft.

* I have no interest in accepting remixes of any kind. Feel free to submit your remixes to or This compilation is specifically for original material. However, you're welcome to use some of the audio from the multi-track files if it's really what you desire.

* The Phantom Project is open for 10 weeks so you can submit your songs and art within that time. No rush, take all the time you need. I want to make sure that what you share is something you're truly happy with.

* And lastly, you are completely free to express yourself and your music in any way you desire. The only yourself.